Summer Stock / Everything I Have Is Yours / I Love Melvin [1]

Those Glorious MGM Musicals
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3 Complete Original Soundtracks ; THOSE GLORIOUS MGM MUSICALS. Johnny Green Conducting the MGM Studio ; Orchestra and Chorus ; All Selections Written by ; Harry Warren & Mack Gordon. All selections written by Josef Myrow & ; Mack Gordon & Publ. by ; Leo Feist, Inc. ; MGM Studio Orchestra & Chorus ; Conducted by Georgie Stoll. Johnny Green Conducting the MGM Studio ; Orchestra & Chorus. David Rose Cond. The MGM STudio Orch. & Chorus ; Johnny Green Cond. the MGM Studio ORch. ; MGM Studio Rochestra & Chorus Conducted ; By Georgie Stoll.
M.G.M. Records, Hollywood - 1973
Colonna sonora del film
Titolo originaleTitolo italianoAnnoRegia
Summer StockL'allegra fattoria1950Walters, Charles
I Love MelvinI Love Melvin1953Weis, Don
Everything I Have Is YoursLa ragazza della domenica1952Leonard, Robert